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Rebooting Venture Capitalism
in A Post Covid-19 World

Learn how emerging VC funds are increasing access to capital and liquidity by ‘digitizing’ tangible assets with blockchain technology. Discover how the tokenization of tangible assets is transforming the way investors are allocating funds to VC by correlating their investment to a liquid asset playing the role of a secured collateral.

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About Soya Capital

Soya Capital is a Paris-based investor focused on B2B, B2G and B2B2C companies providing industrial and deep-tech solutions for challenges impacting billions of people. From human disruption in the workplace to environment protection, smart cities and transportation our portfolio companies are helping individuals, institutions and privately-held organisations to adapt to an ever-changing environment. 


"We invest in and provide advisory and business development support to portfolio companies leveraging a range of technologies including robotics and AI, computer vision, IoT, Circular  Economy and Smart Cities."


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Soya Capital invests in high-impact companies led by visionary leaders. We help tech startups to scale by financing POCs developments and ecosystem building.
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